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Our Mission and


Keep motivate people to achieve milestones faster

through the efficient project management.

We Believe

Non-Techies Can Also Work Smarter, Not Harder.

In modern day business, small companies are working with various tools which they consider that it’s out there for productivity such as Slack, Trello, Jira, and so on. They set up whatever they think is a great tool, and we were no exception. We were so excited whenever we adopted different ones, but over time we became somewhat confused. Things were not changed magically. We were surprised to find that most of them were difficult to utilize. Switching back and forth between different taps wasn’t a simple job and organizing multiple tools were complicated and costly. It seemed like entry barriers exist for non-techies, even they’re such a great tools. We just wanted to simplify our hectic environment through the one reliable solution. And that’s how we started to build our own collaboration tool, which is intuitive and harmonized core elements together to maximize efficiency, but not too heavily.

Death of Traditional Organizational Structure

Bridging the Gap between Internal and External Partners.

Ironically, even with collaboration tools on the market, we still heavily relied on personal communication methods with external teams and partners. And those communications were hard to share internally. Even the great collaboration tools couldn’t guarantee high-quality performance if it fails a teaming-up. We believe that team‘s composed of internal and external talent without any barriers. We hope people in Borawork are connected easily and trust each other to build a transparent team. That’s why we created a free individual account and a simple inviting process. These enable bonding people into Borawork no matter who they are, such as internal team or people from other departments or companies. In Borawork, everyone’s granted equal speaking opportunities to share and improve work performance and go toward a common goal, transparently.

Be ready for transition

The Value of Physical Workspace Becomes Less Formidable.

Why does office exist? Is it a place for face-to-face collaboration, or to give new employees a chance to learn from experienced member of the team? That’s what office used to be and still is. But what if something can substitute all these? If so, office commute won’t be an essential. People in Borawork can simply collaborate through the timeline no matter where they are and work histories are automatically organized in each projects. Anyone can easily take part even if they join in the middle of the project. Borawork is not a simple online community or a common messenger app. Borawork connects people in one place, make them feel encouraged and inspired anytime and anywhere to achieve more. It may be better to choose one core tool that build everything around. Steer all your teams toward the same direction to accomplish milestones faster regardless of time and location.

“ We still have so many unfolded ideas and features yet to be announced.

If you and your team have a chance to grow with Borawork, it will be our great pleasure ”

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