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We added extra layer of security

Administrator features

Account management
Since all user accounts are
easily manageable,
administrators are free
from worry about data leaks.
Manage public projects
Administrators can securely
manage public projects
at a glance.
Access monitor
From device access including screen
capture to file download,
all activities are monitored
in a real time and saved as a list.
Block download
Administrators can block
download on restricted files to
keep them secure.
Block double-login
Set single device on each platforms
such as PC and Mobile to
Keep secure accounts.
Two-factor authentication
Extra protection from
unidentified login attempts.

Additional securities

  • Data encryption

    Data on Borawork such as important communication histories are encrypted (AES 256), and securely managed.

  • Data protection

    Since Borawork applies SSL/TLS-protocols on saved data, all unidentified access are automatically blocked.

  • Network security

    Our security professionals keep monitor to prevent unauthorized access to internal server and database strictly.

  • Data redundancy

    All data are duplicated and backed-up in every single hours.

About customer privacy

  • Your privacy is important to us!

    All members of Borawork will not access to customers data for service operation.
    We always warn and strictly manage our members about customer privacy to keep security.

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